Graham’s Style


Graham’s style has been described as both warm and energetic.

Graham’s style holds his audiences from start to finish with a powerful mix of insight, anecdote and humour all packaged and delivered with polish and eloquence.


Graham’s experience on the podium is immediately apparent to his audience.

He carefully structures his presentations to ensure the right balance is struck between raising the big issues relevant to strategy and competitiveness and keeping his audience’s interest firmly focused on its situation.


Graham “reads” his audience and tailors his style accordingly.

Graham’s presentations include a mix of topics structured around the needs, interest and location of the client audience – he works with clients to suggest how best to structure an event to achieve the best possible outcome.


Graham has great fun talking to managers about how to win.

He uses his expertise in strategy and competitiveness to guide and entertain audiences. He employs his knowledge in strategic analysis, developing and implementing strategic plans and measuring performance to inspire groups to boost their performance.

“Graham provided great insight into transforming strategy ……. Graham’s manner is engaging and he conveyed ideas clearly and simply”.

Glenn McPhee – Chief Operating Officer, Manpower Group