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AUTHOR OF SIX BOOKS AND REGULAR STRATEGY AUTHOR IN HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Graham is a very engaging speaker. He certainly had the
audience captivated. He’s very insightful. And he gives you
lessons you can take away and work with.
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Topic – Strategy Discovery and AI: The Essential Shift You Need to Thrive in 2024!

Graham Kenny’s keynote presentation delves into the transformative impact of three key drivers shaping the business landscape: the distributed workforce, the dissemination of information and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI).

This presentation explores how businesses can harness these forces to uncover new opportunities, adapt rapidly to market changes, and ultimately thrive in the dynamic environment of 2024.

By embracing strategy centred on discovery and leveraging AI technologies, organizations can position themselves for success in an era defined by unprecedented access to information and technological advancement.

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Regular HBR Author

Graham is a lead strategy author in the Harvard Business Review with over 50 articles.

Strategy Discovery: Achieving Business Resilience, Engagement and Performance

Personal, useful, actionable and grounded in research, this book will shift your thinking from “strategy development” to “strategy discovery” to enable you to deal with today’s business challenges, engage your staff and boost your business performance.

Management teams and boards are facing disruption on all sides, from morphing customer preferences to the COVID pandemic to climate change. At the same time they are floundering in strategy confusion with too many concepts and not enough clarity. In this book, strategy expert and regular Harvard Business Review author Graham Kenny releases managers and directors from their strategy haze. His simple and effective framework allows managers to navigate the current maze of ideas and approaches and maximize their competitive advantage. Read More > 

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