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Graham can attend your conference or offsite and provide a 20 to 45 minute keynote on the following.

Topic: “Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans”

Graham’s Harvard Business Review article with the same title topped the Most Popular list at HBR. It clearly touched a pain point around the globe. Hear Graham’s take on this important topic and turn your practice around to produce a genuine strategic plan that drives performance.

Topic: “Agile Strategic Planning”

In this era of disruption, being agile is paramount. Graham shows why traditional approaches to strategic planning produce rigid responses to change. He details what you can do to avoid being crushed by the competition.

Topic: “Performance Mis-measurement”

Most organisations measure too much and the wrong things. Not a great combination. Money spent, zero gain. Graham highlights the fatal flaw in most performance measurement – measuring activity and not outcomes – and demonstrates how to avoid it.


Through his highly rated courses Graham aims to achieve spectacular outcomes at three levels: Thought Leadership, Fresh Framework and Innovative Methods.

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Through his roles as speaker, consultant and presenter Graham has encountered a vast array of organisational situations and problems in the privatepublic and not-for-profit sectors.

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Take advantage of Graham’s experience and these resources. Delve into this list of his articles on business strategy and performance measurement.

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