Speaking Topics

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Graham’s presentations include a mix of topics structured around the needs, interest and location of the client audience. He works with clients to suggest how best to structure an event to achieve the best possible outcome. He tailors the topics to suit the individual needs of each and every client. Graham is especially adept in providing a provocative and dynamic outlook on strategic thinking, competitiveness, business models, strategy design and performance measurement – unveiling the insights from his 30 years at the cutting edge of corporate strategy.

11Strategic Thinking to Drive Innovation

Do customers and other stakeholders know your strategies and you don’t? Are you a prisoner of your own organisation? Could this be the reason why delivering what you perceive as good products, processes and procedures is not making your organisation a champion? Graham has fun challenging this inside-out thinking placing it against the outside-in thinking of your stakeholders. Discover how to switch from operational to strategic thinking via Graham’s high ranking keynote to supercharge your organisation’s innovation and performance.

21 Strategic Thinking for Leaders

Tired of “leadership” yet still want to know how to produce leaders? The important feature of leaders is that they inspire – and renew. Drawing on numerous and varied examples, Graham shows how great leaders are also highly effective strategic thinkers being able to take an outside-in view of their situations. He demonstrates how strategic thinking in a management team is essential if it is to lead and grow a business. Graham engages his audience in explaining how as a leader you can bridge the inside and outside world’s of your organisation to drive vision, purpose and competitive advantage.

31Rising Above the Crowd

You want to succeed don’t you? Being competitive is very important in so many spheres – in your business, in your personal life and, of course, in sport. And there’s nothing wrong with aiming to be the best – the best in your field, the best you can. This requires three things:

  • a different way of thinking from everyone else
  • a simple method to achieve an edge
  • an effective way to assess your progress.

In this challenging presentation, Graham provides an effective framework that you can adopt to drive you, your staff and your organisation to peak performance.

F41lying High with the Right KPI

Are you confused about how to measure performance? Yet, measuring and managing performance sits right at the top of the agenda for managers, CEOs and boards. In this provocative presentation Graham demonstrates why “performance” remains unclear for many organisations. To be an effective manager you have to know what “performance measurement” really means and how to approach it in such a way that “KPIs” won’t be seen as the bad guy. Audiences finally see that measuring activity is not the same as measuring outcomes as Graham demonstrates how to approach measurement simply and effectively.  You’ll leave feeling that a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders via this entertaining presentation.

51Business Model Magic

Are you driving blind in the troubled space of new technologies, new delivery systems and new breeds of consumers? Graham will provoke you to realise a clear understanding of your and your competitors’ business models. This will lead you to challenge and change how you do business. In providing a fresh slant on what a business model is, Graham explains how to approach finding new business models. In sharing his own story he explains why it is that organisations have so much trouble getting ahead of the competition. His different yet practical perspective sends his audiences away with renewed confidence in how to achieve sustainable competitive advantage