Speaking Topics

Graham welcomes the opportunity to speak at your next conference or offsite. He can provide a 30 to 90 minute keynote on the themes below. He’ll work with you to suggest the best possible topic and presentation title to achieve your desired outcomes. 
His speaking style is interactive. This means that audiences:
  • Aren’t sitting and listening for extended periods without an activity.
  • Undertake mini exercises with fellow participants as part of his speech.
  • Are set a challenge to follow up after his session.
  • Are given practical tips on how to improve performance.

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Thinking

Managers are trapped in an operational mode of thinking focusing on getting 'the work' done. This restricts their ability to innovate and holds back an organisation in the competitive race. Graham’s presentation shows how to flip this inside-out thinking to a mode which is outside-in. It comes as a revelation to his audiences. As an option, Graham offers his clients the opportunity to employ his unique Strategic Thinking Survey prior to their conference. From this he's able to provide feedback to audience participants. He also uses the survey results as a springboard for practical tips.

Agile Strategic Planning to Boost Your Business

In this presentation Graham demonstrates the failings of traditional approaches to developing business strategy. He starts with his own experience as CEO in turning around a business. He then takes his audience on a journey to unpack strategy to make it agile. He highlights how the two dimensions of strategy - formulation and implementation - come together to make or break your business's competitive potential. Graham shows how by asking the wrong questions in strategy you will never get to the right answer. He finishes his presentation with a challenge for his audience to apply in their business. He ends with some solid tips to implement that will boost business performance.

Using KPIs to Fast Track Performance

Most organisations measure too much and measure the wrong things. Not a great combination. Money spent, zero gained. Graham highlights how to overcome this tendency by outlining an approach that measures outcomes, not activity. He demonstrates how to do this with as few measures as possible. In this provocative presentation Graham shows what “performance” really is for organisations. Audiences leave feeling that a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders via this entertaining speech.