Speaking Topics

Graham can attend your conference or offsite and provide a 20 to 45 minute keynote on the topics below. He will work you to suggest how best to structure an event to achieve the best possible outcome. He will tailor his topics to suit your needs.

Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren't Strategic, or Even Plans

Graham’s Harvard Business Review article with the same title topped the Most Popular list at HBR. It clearly touched a pain point around the globe. Hear Graham’s take on this important topic and turn your practice around to produce a genuine strategic plan that drives performance. Graham has fun challenging the inside-out view placing it against an outside-in perspective - the view of your stakeholders. Discover how to switch from operational to strategic thinking via Graham’s high ranked keynote to supercharge your organisation’s performance.

Agile Strategic Planning

Does your organisation follow a traditional approach to strategic planning? Would you describe it as 'rigid'? Does it involve an annual retreat and a done-and-dusted plan that does little to change organisational performance. Does it also lack a sound framework? Graham outlines an agile approach which views strategic planning as a journey, not a project. Hence, a strategic plan becomes a tool - a means not an end. In this scenario, strategic planning drives continuous learning and improvement - and results in sustained performance.

Performance Mis-management

Most organisations measure too much and the wrong things. Not a great combination. Money spent, zero gain. Graham highlights the fatal flaw in most performance measurement – measuring activity and not outcomes – and demonstrates how to avoid it. In this provocative presentation Graham demonstrates why “performance” remains unclear for many organisations. To be a successful organisation your managers must know what “performance measurement” really means. Audiences leave feeling that a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders via this entertaining presentation.