Graham’s public courses on strategic planning and performance measurement are the industry leaders. His dynamic delivery is reinforced by his expertise in these areas demonstrated through his many books, manuals and articles. Graham is regarded as a thought leader in these fields.

Graham has conducted courses and facilitated discussions and decision making by executive groups for more than two decades. He provides a provocative outlook as well as insights in his courses to stimulate fresh thinking and creative solutions to strategy and performance measurement issues. 

He conducts a Masterclass approach with an emphasis on learning by doing which includes: group learning from experienced delegates; an interactive format; active learning; detailed course manuals; and limited numbers of delegates. Step by step Graham will take you through the course details.

Agile Strategic Planning

How to Develop a Strategic Plan that Boosts Performance
  • Brisbane October 17, 2019, Hilton Hotel
  • Sydney October 24, 2019, Harbourview Hotel
  • Melbourne October 31, 2019, Parkview Hotel
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Focused Key Performance Indicators

How to Develop KPIs that Link to Strategy
  • Brisbane October 18, 2019, Hilton Hotel
  • Sydney October 25, 2019, Harbourview Hotel
  • Melbourne November 1, 2019, Parkview Hotel
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Through his highly rated courses Graham aims to achieve spectacular outcomes at three levels:

Thought Leadership

Change how you lead strategic and performance-measurement thinking

Fresh Framework

Adopt new ways to solve strategy and performance problems

Innovative Methods

Employ a better system to design strategy and performance measures.