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Through his highly rated courses Graham aims to achieve spectacular outcomes at three levels:

Thought Leadership

  • Change how you lead strategic and performance-measurement thinking

Fresh Framework

  • Adopt new ways to solve strategy and performance problems

Innovative Methods

  • Employ a better system to design strategy and performance measures.

Graham has conducted public courses and facilitated discussions and decision making by executive groups for more than two decades. His experience in these roles is renowned.

His reputation goes beyond being an expert facilitator. He is regarded as a subject leader in strategic planning, performance measurement and business model design. He writes regularly for the Harvard Business Review. He has also written more than 60 articles for other international journals and has authored five books.

He has great fun with managers having them consider how to win. He provides a provocative and dynamic outlook in his courses on business strategy, competitiveness and performance measurement, unveiling the insights from his many years at the cutting edge of corporate strategy. His style is fast-paced, interactive and humorous containing many ahah moments and insights. He carefully structures his courses to ensure the right balance is struck between raising the big issues relevant to strategy and performance measurement and keeping his audience’s interest firmly focused on its situation.


shutterstock_195719357Agile Strategic Planning:

How to Develop a Strategic Plan that Boosts Performance
  • Brisbane May 4, 2017, Hilton Hotel
  • Sydney May 11, 2017, Harbourview Hotel
  • Melbourne May 18, 2017, Parkview Hotel

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performaceFocused Key Performance Indicators:

How to Develop KPIs that Link to Strategy
  • Brisbane May 5, 2017, Hilton Hotel
  • Sydney May 12, 2017, Harbourview Hotel
  • Melbourne May 19, 2017, Parkview Hotel

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